Welcome to Bradley Allan

June 14, 2016

Welcome to Bradley Allan

The idea of BRADLEY ALLAN (BA) has been incubating for several years now, but one lightbulb moment last year led me to launch my own line. One day, it hit me that I’ve designed hundreds of golf shirts, but very few of them actually made their way into my own wardrobe.

I was looking for something the golf apparel industry wasn’t offering. I didn’t want to have two separate looks, one for golf and one for everyday life. So, I would wear polo shirts from a variety of mainstream designer menswear brands.

There have to be more people out there like me, right?

Yes there are and it’s why I created BA. It’s new and fresh, but rooted in authentic golf culture. We’re a new brand with an old soul. We believe that classics can remain classic, just interpreted in a refreshing new way.

What Are We About?

BA is about creating apparel unlike anything else available in golf. It’s about proper fit. Not the traditional boxy look or the athletic slim fit. The modern fit you seek in your off-course style.

It’s about soft, rich natural fibers such as pima cotton and merino wool mashed up with innovative technical fabrics that keep you cool and dry, but retains the feel we all desire.

We’re also about blowing up the golf apparel business model. Embracing new technologies and ideas of efficiency to offer consumers the best value possible.

I began playing golf at the age of eight, drawn to the game for its discipline and challenge. I can still remember my first round. It was just nine holes, but it was a life-changing experience that has stayed with me. That led me to becoming a Class-A professional, into design, and now to launch my own brand.

We want to celebrate your personal golf experiences and make sure you look damn good along the way.



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